Saturday, January 31, 2015

Module 4: Typography

This week's assignment was focused on using labeling principles learned in the lecture to label number of features of Marathon, Florida. Using CorelDraw we were to import a map of Marathon, find locations we were given and label them. Then we had to insert all the mandatory map elements (title, legend, north arrow, author, sources) and an inset map. Last, but not least, we were to add three personal elements.

Finding the given locations was easy enough, with a plethora of maps available online. I chose to use an italic serif font to label all water bodies. Then I used a sans serif font to label all land features, I used all caps for natural features (keys), and title case for all cultural features. I chose green for the land color, as it is associated with land, and stands out against the blue water background. I used a stock image of deep water surface as the background image.

Labeling water features was simple, as I could fit the name within a feature. At most I had to create a curved path to label along. Both Florida Bay and Atlantic Ocean having the largest labels, being the most important water features on the map. Labeling key was more challenging, as I wanted to have the labels inside the features. This was impossible in couples of cases due to small size of the keys. I ended up placing the labels adjacent to those features, and wholly in the water. Most of the cultural feature labels were also placed in the water. In all cases of land labels, I placed a white halo around the text to make it easier to read, and to have the text stand out over some lines of low importance.

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