Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 4 - GIS Hardware, Software & Programming and ArcGIS Online & Map Packages

This week we focused on sharing the maps we created in ArcMap. Lab exercises were part of ESRI tutorials, available on their website. As part of the exercise we had to imports data into ArcMap, perform some minor manipulations, and share it through ArcGIS Online.

The two maps that I have created, and I use "created" loosely in this case, as I just made slight modification to maps provided for the exercise, I have uploaded to my ArcGIS Online account, and shared them. Of course, first I had to share the maps as Map Packages in ArcMap, verify them for any errors, and upload to my online account. The second map had some intentional errors that had to be corrected before I could upload the map package.

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