Saturday, January 17, 2015

Module 2 Lab: Introduction to Graphic Design

Map of Florida, including the state seal and state tree.

The purpose of this assignment was to create a map of the state of Florida for a children's encyclopedia. The map was to contain counties, water bodies, cities, capital, as well as map basics such as an author, sources, north arrow, legend and scale. Additional information I chose to include is the state seal, state tree and the state nickname.

I used CorleDRAW x7 for this assignment. After exporting the map I duplicated the scale, and moved it to a separate layer from the map itself. This let me move the scale around, I just had to be careful not to change its size, or the map's. Then I added a drop shadow to create a darker outline around the state. In the end I imported images of the state tree and state seal.

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