Friday, April 24, 2015

Module 13: Final

The final project for GIS 3015 is a map, created for The Washington Post, which shows ACT data for the year 2013 by using skills and techniques learned throughout the semester. As part of this assignment, we were to find the applicable data, convert it into a format usable by ArcMap, download the correct shapefile and project it to a usable projection. Once the data was obtained, the map could be created with those data sets using the Gestalt principles learned during the course. The final map represents two data sets: the average ACT score for each state and the percentage of graduating students that took the ACT per state. Both data sets were created in Excel and joined with the Attribute Table of the base map. Then the data was classified, using the Natural Breaks classification. Map insets were used to show states outside the lower 48. Also an inset map of the Northeast to show data for all the small states that would otherwise be covered by the thematic symbols.

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