Thursday, April 30, 2015

GIS 4043 Final

   The final project for GIS 4043 is an analysis of a preferred corridor for Bobwhite-Manatee Transmission Line Project. Analysis included determining number of houses within the corridor and within a 400 foot buffer around the corridor. Number of schools and day-cares in the same area. This was dine by looking at areal images of the area and digitizing all the buildings within those two zones.
   Further, I used ArcMap to determine the acreage of  environmentally sensitive areas in the corridor. Those areas included swamps, streams, bayous, as well as environmental conservation areas. This was done by intersecting wetlands layer with the corridor, and clipping conservation areas to the corridor. In both cases the new layers we added to the Final geodatabase file I created for this project.
    As for the base map, instead of using aerials as a base, I used a basic map. I chose this because the presentation was supposed to be for a wide audience, and this background would make it clear where this are is supposed to be.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation.

Here is the slide by slide presentation.

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