Sunday, October 25, 2015

Module 8 - Thermal Imagery

This map shows the shallow waters along the coast to the West of the gap, located at x: 470000 and y: 3355000. The water West of the gap is much warmer, as shown by the yellowish striations. The water on the East side of the gap is much deeper, as shown by the blue color, lacking the warmth represented by yellow. The actual striation in the warm, shallow water are caused by waves and tidal action that is more pronounced in the shallow waters.

I found this feature as I was looking along the coast and I noticed that the seas side of the coastline showed a lot of temperature variation between the coastal water on the east and west side of the gap. After examining aerial photos, there did not seem to be any correlation between water temperature and urban development along the coast.

Using the band combination of Red 2, Green 1 and Blue 6, the warm, shallow water displayed in yellow. In contrast vegetation and most of urban areas display in blue, and cool , deep water pourple-blue.

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