Monday, October 10, 2016

Scythian Landscapes - Report

Data presented in this file shows spatial distribution of known Scythian burial mounds. Data also shows random points in the project area, and the probability of those points being a burial mound site. Secondary surfaces generated for analysis were slope, aspect, and elevation. Slope favored incline of less than 16%, aspect favored south facing slopes, and elevation favored areas below 2000 meters. Linear regression method used was Ordinary Least Squares analysis. Missing data includes mound site distance from the river. Limitation of this model the limited number of points used for spatial distribution of data.

                The OLS results include the adjusted R-squared value of 0.697804, which means the variables are explaining about 68% of site presence or absence. The coefficients are not near zero, and are mostly positive, which means they have a positive, direct influence on the data. The Spatial Autocorrelation test has the following z-score and p-value values: z-score of 13.834296 and p-value of 0.00000. The combination of high z-score and low p-value indicates a normal distribution of the data and spatially autocorrelated data.

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