Monday, May 23, 2016

Module 03 - Ethics

In module 3 we covered the importance of ethics in archaeology. The reading points out that the need for codified ethics rules rose up from the wide spread of commercial archaeology. While I believe that is certainly not wrong, one cannot forget that until recently academia led archaeology was nothing more than glorified looting, to be shown off in the looter's national museums as a trophy. Any talk about ethics in archaeology cannot be focused on one aspect, such as CRM, but on all aspects. Academia is certainly not immune from people trying to profit from archaeological findings.

The lab for module 3 focused on creating shapefiles. This was done by either manually creating a point, and creating a shapefile out of it, or by importing a data table into ArcMap. The data table contained fields with site name, site description, and Lat and Long of the site. Once imported and converted into a shapefile, it displayed all the site in the database. When looking at the attached map, Petra site (in blue) is the manually created shapefile. All other sites come from a database that was converted into a shapefile.

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