Thursday, March 19, 2015

Module 10: Dot Mapping

In Module 10 we learned to create a dot map in ArcMap. The map on the left shows the population distribution of South Florida. The population dots are placed over a map of cities and water features of South Florida. 

Large part of the lab assignment was to create a good balance between the dot size and dot value. This is important because if the dots are too small, they appear insignificant, but if they are too large they will bleed together and appear as a blob rather than a dot map. Dot values matter, because if the values are too small, you will have too many dots and the map will be too crowded and difficult to interpret. If the value is too large dots will misrepresent the data, both due to the rounding to the nearest value, and due to spatial distribution. Too few dots will make the data appear as if it was only present in specific areas, rather than distributed over a larger area.

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